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Gorilla Judo and BJJ Club

We have Judo, BJJ, Kenpo Jujitsu, Taiho Jutsu, Catch Wrestling and Kickboxing!!


Martial Arts can change your life!

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Brazilian JiuJitsu  

Gorilla Judo and BJJ Club is affiliated with Master Ricardo Cavalcanti. Master Ricardo is a fifth degree black belt in the legendary Master Carlson Gracie Sr.  Come learn an old school style of BJJ perfect for self defense and competition!


Sensei Mike studied Judo at USA Stars under Olympian and Olympic Coach Pat Burris. We have adult and kids programs!

We offer a variety of programs!

We offer more than Judo and BJJ.  We are the only Snake Pit USA affiliated gym in Oklahoma. We have a Kenpo Jujitsu program (original Kenpo under Tracy's Karate Worldwide) , Taiho Jutsu (arresting arts aka Jujitsu for Law Enforcement/First Responders) and kickboxing! 

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